Fire Department 

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​Learn CPR

The more people that learn CPR, the better the chance of surviving a cardiac event will be! Contact the department to learn about our no cost simple way of learning CPR, as well as are low cost advance courses.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bristol Fire Department is to serve and protect the public from the loss of life, destruction of property, and mitigate hazards as efficiently as possible.


To accomplish the mission, personnel work hard to ensure a well-trained, well equipped, and educated firefighting and EMS force is available that will provide the Town, and its neighbors when called upon, with the best emergency services possible.

The Bristol Fire Department will continue to provide for the fire protection and public safety needs of our diversified and growing community by maintaining high levels of performance and standards of excellence into the twenty first century.

​Residential Sprinklers

Residential sprinklers are an affordable way to help save lives, and in many cases minimize property damage, in homes. Fires develop quickly due to many common materials found in  the home today, leaving an occupant only 3 to 5 minutes to get out of a burning home. To learn more contact us and view the video below.