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COVID-19 Volunteer Application

  1. COVID-19 Volunteer Application

    The Town of Bristol wants to thank you for your interest in volunteering. The Town of Bristol is actively monitoring and responding to the developments associated with COVID-19. The Town will update this application should it need additional volunteers for different types of assistance. Please Note: Volunteers will need to undergo a background check through the Bristol Police Department.

  2. Area of Interest*

  3. Please provide your availability to volunteer.

  4. U.S Citizen*

  5. Type of Phone*

  6. Have you been convicted of any crime?*

  7. Do you have any disabilities that may limit your performance?*

  8. The information solicited in the above application is necessary to complete a background investigation.

    The next step in the process will require all interested persons to submit a copy of a photo ID and complete an authorization for background investigation to be conducted by the Bristol Police Department. This will be completed after the initial screening process.

  9. I hereby acknowledge this information is correct to the best of my knowledge and a background investigation will be required prior to preceding to the next step in the process.

  10. Please upload a copy of your driver's license for background check

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