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Residential Stickers Application

  1. Residential Stickers Application

  2. Please Note: Stickers are only available to residents of Bristol, Rhode Island.

  3. Please upload a copy of your current vehicle registration.

  4. Please upload a copy of your Driver's License.

    If your Rhode Island Driver's License shows a Bristol address, additional proof of residency is not required. For residents without a local license, please upload your Proof of Residency below.

  5. For residents without a local license, proof of residency can be verified by uploading a copy of your current lease agreement OR by providing a copy of your utility bill.

  6. Not all residential zones in town require a parking sticker. For more information on the Residential Parking District, please visit: Bristol Town Code. For more information regarding this application, please call the Town Clerk's Office at 401-253-7000.

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